Anjelica Huston fronts new campaign by The Woolmark Company, reminding us just how easy it is to care for wool

Research shows US consumers believe wool is difficult to care for; Anjelica Huston stars in the latest campaign from The Woolmark Company to combat wool care myths; Wool is easy to care for: the fibre is resistant to stains, odours and creases so actually requires less washing than clothing made […]

Adidas and The Woolmark Company announce 2019 Woolmark Performance Challenge winners

Hyokyoung Lee from Institut Français de la Mode, France and Hope Kemp-Hanson from Savannah College of Art and Design, USA, were announced the winners of the 2019 adidas x Woolmark Performance Challenge, presented at a special event in Munich, Germany. The Woolmark Performance Challenge is an annual competition for early career […]