Bleebluh’s young M’sians team are making online shopping experience more transparent, immersive and social, just like how we shop at the mall

Nowadays, Malaysians has get used to online shopping on e-commerce platforms or even live shopping on social media platforms.

However, this ever-changing industry demands for more transparent, social and immersive online shopping experience to trigger impulse purchases and the fear of missing out (FOMO) feeling among the shoppers.

Imagine if you could engage and communicate with the sellers, or Live Host as they call it to know about the product in-depth before you make any purchases, or join the brands’ live flash sales without having to wait for 11.11 shopping festival or just maybe, you want to have entertainment shopping contents that you can consume while taking a train ride going back from work.

That’s the experience that Farhan Yun, founder of Bleebluh, and his team are working on to bring about a whole new level of online shopping experience which couples entertainment and commerce, also known as entertainmerce.

Coming from tech background and an avid live shopper himself, he is firmly believing that there are a lot more intrinsic values that he and his team at Bleebluh could offers to both shoppers and brand owners in making the online shopping experience to be transparent, social, entertaining and above all, immersive.

“My experience with the current way of live shopping is awful, very awful indeed! I once been scammed by a live seller when he went missing after receive payment through online banking for a purchase of a pair of sneakers. To add fuel to the fire, there was no order receipt nor any kind of proof of my purchase other than just the online banking transaction receipt. So, there’s no transparency at all! Oh, not to mention, a cumbersome journey of purchase because I need to screenshot, then WhatsApp-ing the sellers and make online banking transaction. It’s pain in the butt!” told Farhan.

By looking at the live shopping trend in mainland China and the rapid growth of adoption in live shopping through social media, that prompted Farhan and his team to venture into this endeavor. He believes live shopping is the “Second Wave of Online Shopping”.

Hassle-free live shopping show

Bleebluh is a solution and services provider for brand owners to kick start their own live shopping series shows.

Well-equipped with state-of-the-art live streaming equipment, expert crews and user-friendly live shopping features, Bleebluh enables brand owners to broadcast their live shopping show in multi-platform, across the social media and on Bleebluh platform itself, where the only platform the live purchase can takes place. The best part is, shoppers couldn’t barely miss a moment of the live shopping show or they might miss the deals, as the concept is “See Now, Buy Now”. 

First seamless purchase experience on live

When we talk about purchasing on live show, most of us are familiar with the cumbersome process of dropping comment, screen capture the product and jumping on another platform to proceed with the purchase. It’s such a long process!

This long and tedious process could somewhat influence the shoppers to change their mind from purchasing.  Underpinned with this experience, Bleebluh enables shoppers to seamlessly purchase during the live with less than 3 clicks of button. With seamless live purchase process, brands can expect for a greater conversion rate.

Entertaining live build brand loyalty

(Live viewers could interact with host through phone call and comments)

Live shopping shows on Bleebluh is not just about selling, in fact hard-selling is big NO NO during the live. Remember Entertainmerce? Where online shopping becomes a new entertainment, so that’s what Bleebluh brings to the shoppers and also audiences. Live host not just need to sell, but he/she needs to make the selling process compelling, entertain the audience through live game shows and engage and interact directly with the shoppers and audiences. This surely will improve the brand loyalty.

Shoppers are hungry for personalization experience and genuine engagement. Through Bleebluh, our well-trained Live Hosts and curated content will create sense of belonging between the brands and shoppers. Not just that, the feeling of excitement to participate and engage during the live is very overwhelmed.

Immersive live show creates impulse purchases.

(Brings physical shopping experience into virtual, online!)

The current experience of online shopping is totally different than the physical shopping experience. We’re all human and we are so used to touch, get that “feeling” of the products, check on the products inside out, just before we decide to make a purchase. On top of that, we’re Malaysia we love haggling and bargaining, let’s admit it! And current online shopping is nowhere close to this genuine shopping experience that we are so accustomed to. Bleebluh brings the physical shopping experience to a virtual world through its state-of-the-art live shopping solution. Shoppers can talk to the live host cum sellers, check on the product in details and negotiate the price on live. 

Transparency brisk up the trust

(No more “picture is for illustration purpose only”)

Counterfeit products are always the main issues all e-commerce platforms face. Not to mention, the ambiguous product review by turns to be too good to be true…

On Bleebluh, live host will walk the shoppers through in detail during product showcase. Shoppers can look at the products on close-up view to see how it works, its detailing, quality and craftsmanship.

Creating a perfect live shopping community

Bleebluh team believe live shopping is more suitable for mid-upper end products segment. The risk of purchasing something online that cost you RM1000.00 is much higher than the one that costs just few bucks. And who wants to watch people shopping groceries on live rather than exclusive Prada handbag, right?

Bleebluh is soon not just a live shopping platform, but it will become one whole new ecosystem. A new avenue for brands to sell on live, a new avenue for shoppers not just to shop but also to be entertained, and lastly, a new avenue for influencers to expand their horizon.

 “At the end of the day, people will always look up for something more entertaining and bring the most values to them. On a flip side, brand owners will continue to adapt the market evolvement to remain relevant in the market. As for Bleebluh, we are moving the needle to bring about the Second-Wave Online Shopping, brick by brick, one at time!” Said Farhan.

Find out more about Bleebluh on or on Facebook @Bleebluh and Instagram @bleebluh_official

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