Teman Tapi Mesra or Friends with Benefits

Nothing describes it better than the Indonesian duo Ratu about chummy friends. The duo consisted of Mulan Kwok and Maia Ahmad released the song Teman Tapi Mesra back in 2005. Ah those days!

Well, friends with benefits or not, can still be described as a stage where one has a backup to fall back. It could be the safest zone any guy wanted to be and may become a prison every lady wants to get out, well sooner or later. It is also a tricky zone with emotional roller-coaster ride when not treated carefully. Most friends with benefits remain friends till today, unless the emotional ride collided.

Personally, Teman Tapi Mesra or not, it is a phase in life, where getting to know and learning to understand your true feelings take place. Deep down, everyone evolves sooner or later and when realization hits you, there’ll be a permanent ‘fixture’. Then the true journey begins.

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